8 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Summer Schools

19 Jun, 2023 | Online Summer School

Reaching the end of another school year brings a huge feeling of achievement, but it can quickly give way to restlessness. After dedicating time and energy to your studies, it might feel counterproductive simply to wait around for the next term to start.

Online summer schools provide the ideal opportunity to continue your academic development and sharpen your skills in preparation for the new school year.

Of course, your summer break also provides a well-deserved opportunity to relax and take some time for yourself, whether that’s going on holiday with your family or catching up with your friends.

You might also have other commitments to manage during your break, like a summer job, sports practice, or music lessons. Thankfully, online summer schools are a perfect fit for students with busy schedules, offering far more flexibility than you would have during the typical school year.

8 most common questions about online summer school

Here are 8 of the most popular questions we get from parents and teens about online summer school:

1. How Flexible Are Online Summer Schools?

Online summer schools are very flexible, as they’re designed to suit all time zones. This means you’re able to participate at a time that’s convenient for you, wherever in the world you’re joining from.

Not only does enrolling in an online summer school eliminate the need to travel, but some self-guided courses allow students to access course materials and lectures whenever best suits them.

Online courses are often designed to complement students’ busy summer schedules, rather than interfere with them.

2. What’s the Teaching Like at an Online Summer Course?

From their own homes, students have invaluable access to expert instructors from renowned educational institutions at online summer schools. Dr Benjamin White, one of our OxBright tutors, is currently researching the uses of nanotechnology in oncology at Oxford University, in order to improve the outcomes of patients receiving chemotherapy.

Another tutor with us, Rahul Radia, has conducted research surrounding the relationship between sleep and metabolism. All of our tutors are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing their own knowledge and expertise with young people.

3. What Subjects Can You Study at an Online Summer Course?

An online summer course can also offer a wider range of subjects than those you might have encountered at school. Whether it’s a niche subject you’re keen to learn more about, or a passion you haven’t yet had the time or opportunity to pursue, an online course is the perfect opportunity to delve into fields of study that you might decide to pursue as a career path in the future.

OxBright offers everything from Law Online Courses for teenagers to Medicine Work Experience Internships. We add brand new courses throughout the year, so do sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about our latest offerings.

It can give you a taste of the types of subjects that are available to study at leading universities across the world, and can also give you a competitive edge when you apply to university. Students who are able to show interest in and enthusiasm for their subjects will appeal to admissions teams.

4. How Much Feedback Do You Receive on an Online Course?

This depends on the style of course – with self-guided courses, you’ll likely receive limited feedback as you won’t have direct interactions with the tutors and lecturers.

At OxBright, we know how valuable personalised feedback and close guidance is for students, so our tutors make sure to provide excellent, individually tailored teaching. Our small classes and focused teaching allow this, which isn’t always possible in year-round school environments.

5. What Skills Can You Develop at Online Summer School?

As well as the exciting opportunity to learn from our expert instructors, our summer schools encourage you to develop important skills like time-management and independent learning, to help equip you for university-level study where you’ll be responsible for directing your own learning and managing your time.

6. Can You Make Friends at an Online Summer School?

The flexibility offered by online summer schools means that you’ll be able to network and collaborate with fellow students from around the world. Many courses are structured with plenty of opportunities for group projects and virtual discussions. 

Meeting other students from different countries will give you the opportunity to consider different perspectives and experiences, and can foster long-lasting, diverse and enriching relationships that will be a valuable part of your future in further education and the world of work.

OxBright student studying on an online summer school.

7. How Do You Choose the Right Online Summer Course for You?

Virtual learning can also come with unique challenges, so it’s important to find a summer course that’s the right fit. Our online courses are designed to motivate, engage and inspire students in an interactive space, giving you the edge to help you succeed.

8. So, Why Should You Attend an OxBright Online Summer Course?

Put simply, you’ll enjoy live, personalised teaching in a range of exciting subjects, pushing beyond your studies in school. You’ll learn from inspiring academics, alongside other motivated, passionate students from around the world – and you can do it all without stepping a foot outside your door!

Online summer schools are a great way to make the most of your time off, boost your university application, and invest in your future.


By Sam Cox

Sam is a recent English graduate from the University of Bristol whose interests include twentieth-century fiction, film, and cultural criticism.

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