University Preparation Report

Are you planning to apply to a competitive university, and keen to improve your application?

Complete our short quiz below to receive a free personalised University Preparation Report, tailored to you. You’ll see how you compare to other applicants, and you’ll receive detailed next steps for your university preparation journey.

Example cover of the OxBright University Preparation Report for Emily Green

Are you aged 15-18? Are you looking for ways to improve your university application and stand out from the crowd? Take our short quiz here and we’ll send you your free personalised University Preparation Report.

In your Report:

  • We’ll suggest the best books, articles and podcasts for you to read based on your strengths and interests, helping you to read around the school curriculum
  • You’ll get detailed data and statistics about how you compare to other applicants, so you can see how you’re doing compared to others
  • You’ll receive tips and advice about how to create the best possible university application and stand out from the crowd

Your Report is completely free, and will help you to get into your dream university.

Core Metrics

Take the quiz below to see how you do against the seven key metrics of university success. You’ll be able to see how you compare to other applicants, and you’ll then get personalised advice about how to improve.


How confident are
you in your skills?


How much reading have
you done outside school?


How much work
experience do you have?



Do you keep on top
of current affairs?


Have you taken any
relevant courses?


Do you talk about
your subject to others?


Do you have supportive
role models?

Explore the Report

Example introduction page for the OxBright University Preparation Report
Example results page in the OxBright University Preparation Report
Example summary page in the OxBright University Preparation Report, showing a score of 19 out of 35
Example Book Recommendation page in the OxBright University Preparation Report, recommending the book 'Do No Harm'

“I love the fact that I got such a variety of resources I can use to gain knowledge from, as well as the inspirational messages that I found very motivating! Thank you for this Report! – Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University Preparation Report?
The University Preparation Report is a free Report you’ll receive after taking our short quiz. It contains personalised recommendations to help you in your university preparation journey – including suggested books (to help you read around your subject), data and statistics to see how you compare to other students, and advice and tips for your university applications.
Who is it for - and what subjects does it cover?

The Report is for students aged 15-18 who are keen to accelerate their learning in their chosen subject(s). It is designed to help young people prepare effectively for university applications – whichever universities they’re aiming for.

The University Preparation Report is for you if you’re aged 15-18 and are considering applying to a competitive university.

It’s currently available in the following subjects:

  • Economics & Business
  • Engineering
  • International Relations & Politics
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Psychology


How does it work?
Fill in our short quiz (it’s about 5 minutes long). The quiz will ask you 20 or so questions, which will give us the information we need about you and your interests and ambitions.

We’ll then read through your answers, and create you a personalised Report, just for you.

If you like, you can choose to receive more support from us, with ongoing subject-specific resources and advice.

Why is the Report free?

At OxBright, our mission is to give you the edge to help you succeed, find your purpose and make a difference in the world. One of the ways we do this is through providing free resources and support via the Report and our blog for students.

We want all OxBright students to fulfil their potential, and we hope the Report will help you to do that.

We also offer Online Courses, Internships and Conferences, and if you’d like to sign up for one of these programmes, we’d be very pleased to welcome you. However, these are completely optional and the Report is totally free of charge.

Additionally, our partnership with Oxford Scholastica Academy, a key collaborator in producing this report, allows us to extend unique educational opportunities. Oxford Scholastica Academy provides Oxford Summer Schools, which are designed to enhance students’ learning and practical skills. By enrolling in an Oxford Summer Course, students gain the chance to enrich their educational path with immersive, hands-on learning in a dynamic academic environment.