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Online Courses for Ages 15-18

(High School Students)

Architecture & Design Summer School

Biology & Life Sciences Summer School

Business & Enterprise Summer School

Computer Science & Coding Summer School

Creative Writing Summer School

Economics & Finance Summer School

Engineering Summer School

International Relations, Politics & Leadership Summer School

Law Summer School

Mathematics Summer School

Medicine Summer School

Psychology & Neuroscience Summer School

Veterinary Medicine Summer School

World History & Philosophy Summer School

Architectural plan of a building interior

Architecture & Design (ages 15-18)

This online Architecture course will introduce you to the history and principles of Architecture & Design. You’ll leave the course with an understanding of key architectural styles, the design and engineering principles of architecture, and the drafting skills you’ll need to pursue a future in the field.

Learn about Architecture & Design for Ages 15-18

Close up of a green frog

Biology & Life Sciences (ages 15-18)

Expand your knowledge of biology, ecology, ecosystems and evolution. You’ll leave the course with a greater understanding of the most important concepts in this field, and the skills you’ll need for university-level study in Biology or Natural Sciences.

Learn more about Biology & Life Sciences for Ages 15-18

Front page of a newspaper with business graphs and statistics

Business & Enterprise (ages 15-18)

This online Business & Enterprise course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need for a future in Business. You’ll dive into all aspects of Business and Entrepreneurship, and you’ll leave the course with practical know-how as well as a thorough understanding of theoretical business frameworks.

Learn more about Business & Enterprise for Ages 15-18

Multicoloured rows of code on a screen

Computer Science & Coding (ages 15-18)

Develop proficiency in Python coding, and get an introduction to the emerging capabilities and potential of Artificial Intelligence. You’ll leave the course with the technical skills and theoretical understanding for a future in Computer Science or software engineering.

Learn more about Computer Science & Coding for Ages 15-18

close up of fountain pen writing on lined paper

Creative Writing (ages 15-18)

Learn about the theory and practice of writing, explore different genres, and work with your tutor and peers to improve your creative writing. Whether you see writing as a hobby, or hope to pursue it as a career, you’ll leave the course a better writer, with improved technical and creative skills.

Learn more about Creative Writing for Ages 15-18

Economic graphs and statistics on a computer screen

Economics & Finance (ages 15-18)

Explore fundamental topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, investment analysis and financial markets. You’ll apply what you’ve learned to real-world case studies, and you’ll gain the theoretical understanding and practical skills you need to pursue further study in Economics.

Learn more about Economics & Finance for Ages 15-18

OxBright Engineering student working on computer software

Engineering (ages 15-18)

Explore the theory and practice of engineering, explore different types of engineering - from aerodynamics to electronics - and design your own models. You’ll see the practical applications of Maths and Physics in real-world problems, and you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a future in Engineering.

Learn more about Engineering for Ages 15-18

International affairs building

International Relations, Politics & Leadership (ages 15-18)

Learn about the forces and factors that affect the world around us — from social movements like Black Lives Matter to historic coups and revolutions. You’ll leave the course with practical debating skills, as well as an understanding of key political events and international organisations.

Learn more about International Relations, Politics & Leadership for Ages 15-18

Statue of Lady Justice

Law (ages 15-18)

Explore various types of law, from criminal and human rights law to intellectual property and contract law.  You’ll leave the course with the skills, understanding and experience you need to create a successful application to study law at university.

Learn more about Law for Ages 15-18

Mathematical equations written on a blackboard

Mathematics (ages 15-18)

Go beyond the regular school curriculum to discover new challenges in Maths. Whether you’re planning to study Pure Mathematics at university, or are interested in the practical applications of Maths for Engineering and other sciences, you’ll leave the course with new skills and confidence.

Learn more about Mathematics for Ages 15-18

OxBright Medicine tutor pointing to a screen showing an x-ray of a chest and lungs

Medicine (ages 15-18)

This online Medicine course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to apply to medical school in the future. You’ll dive into all aspects of Medicine, and you’ll leave the course with practical medical skills, as well as an enhanced understanding of anatomy, diseases, diagnosis and medical ethics.

Learn more about Medicine for Ages 15-18

Image of a human brain on a purple background

Psychology & Neuroscience (ages 15-18)

Explore fundamental topics such as memory, learning, emotions and personality. You’ll learn how to create and analyse psychological studies, and you’ll gain the theoretical understanding you need to pursue further study in Psychology.

Learn more about Psychology & Neuroscience for Ages 15-18


Veterinary Medicine (ages 15-18)

Would you like to work with animals, or are you interested in becoming a vet? On this course, you'll explore the fundamentals of animal medicine and you'll develop the skills you need to apply to vet school and become a successful veterinarian.

Ancient building with ancient columns

World History & Philosophy (ages 15-18)

This World History & Philosophy course brings together the study of key historical events of civilisations from around the world with an analysis of the themes that are common to all civilisations. You'll also trace the history and developments of important philosophical ideas.

Learn more about World History & Philosophy for Ages 15-18

Benefits of Online Summer School
for Teenagers

On our OxBright online summer school, you’ll experience the best in future-focused learning, and you’ll get the edge for your future. Read on to find out more about what you’ll experience on our online courses for high school students.

Individualised learning

Learning in a small group (maximum 12 students), you’ll have lots of individual attention from your tutor and the chance to ask all your questions.

Skills development

Our online courses will help you to develop valuable skills, such as initiative-taking, responsibility, collaboration, presentation skills and more.

Ultimate Flexibility

With live sessions to suit all time zones, and one- and two-week options for our most popular online courses, you’ll find an online summer school programme that works for you.

University preparation

Our online summer school will give you a taste of university-style learning and valuable experience for your college or university application.

Career exploration

You’ll explore what it’s really like to pursue your chosen subject, and you’ll leave your online course with more clarity about your future career direction.

Expert Mentorship

You’ll work closely with an expert Tutor, a student or researcher at a top university in the UK (and beyond), and you’ll be able to ask them all your questions to find out what studying the subject is really like.

Why choose OxBright?

With over ten years’ experience running academic summer programmes for teenagers, we’ve honed our courses and our teaching philosophy over the years to give every student an outstanding experience.

Our online summer school courses are designed to motivate, engage and inspire you. So whether you’re approaching Law for the first time, exploring Medicine, or preparing for a career in Economics, you’ll take a step towards your future on your OxBright course.

You’ll leave the course with a thorough understanding of what it’s like to study your subject, and what it takes to succeed in the field. You’ll be able to show your passion for the subject in your future university applications, and you’ll have clarity over the path you want to take.

Zoom call of OxBright faculty and students

Online Summer School Testimonials

Exceptional and unique experience!!! I lack words with which to express my gratitude to my Politics & Debate Tutor and my classmates. This course has made my summer! I highly recommend this online summer school to anyone who’s interested.


OxBright testimonial

Vietnam, Politics & Debate

It was a very enriching and fun experience. I loved every minute of being part of the program because it was so enjoyable and comprehensive. Our tutor, Sophie, was such an amazing mentor. I hope to join again soon!


OxBright testimonial

India, Creative Writing

I loved the online courses and they are the best way to expand or explore your horizons. I really enjoyed each and every session, so much so, that after taking the first course, I signed up for two more! Great investment and definitely worth the time


OxBright testimonial

Hong Kong, Psychology & Neuroscience

Online Summer Courses for 12-14 Year Olds

Looking for our online summer programmes for middle school students? Browse our selection of courses for younger students here.

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Ready to get the edge for your future?

Online Summer School FAQs

Will I get a certificate/accreditation at the end of the online summer school?

Yes! You (and your parents or guardians) will be invited to attend an online Graduation ceremony after the end of your programme with us. You'll receive a Certificate of Achievement, and your Tutor will write you a personalised Letter of Recommendation, which you can use in future internship, job or university applications.

When do the online courses and online internships take place?

OxBright Online Courses run for one or two weeks each during June - August every year. Our Online Internships take place on weekends all year round.

Read more about our Online Summer School and Online Internships.

How long are the online summer school courses and online internships?

Most of our online summer school courses are two weeks long. For some of our most popular online courses, we also have one-week courses available. Most students choose to join us for two weeks.

Our online internships are one month long, with live sessions on Saturdays or Sundays.

How do I get a scholarship for your online summer school?

We provide a targeted programme of support, OxBright Scholars, for scholarship students, as part of our commitment to provide 10,000 hours of support to disadvantaged students over 3 years. To be eligible, students must meet at least one of our scholarship criteria, and must be nominated by their school. Please note that we do not accept direct applications from students to our scholarship programme.

What are the fees for the online summer school and online internships?

The fees for each of our programmes vary. See our full list of dates and fees here.

Do I need any experience in my subject?

No! We welcome applications form students who have a genuine interest in their chosen subject and a desire to learn more, rather than any particular existing knowledge.

For our online Research Internships, it is an advantage to have taken either an online course or an online Work Experience Internship in your chosen subject, as this will allow you to make the most of the opportunity, but this is not a requirement.

What equipment do I need in order to join the online summer school?

You don't need any specific equipment - you just need access to a laptop or tablet and a strong internet connection. We'd recommend trying to find a quiet space where you can sit during the live sessions to focus and not be disturbed, although we understand that this isn't always possible. You'll also be expected to keep your camera on during sessions, as this means that you'll be able to engage and participate better with your tutor and peers.

For our online Computer Science & Coding Internships, you'll need a laptop rather than a tablet.

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