OxBright Scholarships

We are keen that as many students as possible are able to attend OxBright, no matter what their financial circumstances, as part of our commitment to provide 10,000 hours of support for our scholars over the next three years.

Please note, we don’t accept direct applications for scholarships. To become a Scholar, you need to be a student supported by one of our Partner Charities.

Apply for a place on the OxBright's Scholars programme

The OxBright Scholarship

A scholarship entitles you to a place on our OxBright Scholars programme for free. OxBright Scholars is an ongoing programme of support – supported by an expert subject Mentor, you’ll experience weekly live Tutorials, giving you the chance to discuss topics you don’t cover at school, ask questions and gain insights into the skills leading universities value most. You’ll also join our thriving community of like-minded students where you can continue your learning throughout the week.

OxBright Scholars is designed to support you over the long term, giving you the skills, experience and knowledge you need for your future success. We’re very proud of the impact this long-term support can have on disadvantaged students.

We offer scholarship places for students who have been nominated by a staff member at one of our Partner Charities, and who would otherwise be unable to attend an OxBright programme.


Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship?

Students must meet one or more of the following criteria (if your school is an international school then you should meet the equivalent criteria in your country):

  • Aged 15-18 years old
  • In receipt of a UK Government 16 to 19 Bursary, or equivalent
  • Part of the UK’s Pupil Premium Scheme
  • Receiving free school meals, or have received them in the past five years
  • Are or have ever been a Young Carer
  • Are or have been in care
  • In receipt of a school bursary


How will I know if I’ve been awarded the scholarship?

If our Scholarship Panel accept a nomination from your Partner Charity staff member you will be sent an application form to fill in. If your application is successful, you will be awarded an OxBright Scholarship.


Apply for our scholarship

I'm a student at one of OxBright's Partner Charities
If you meet one or more of the above criteria, please contact the relevant staff member at the charity and ask them about the nomination process.
I'm not a student at one of OxBright's Partner Charities
Unfortunately our Scholarship Programme is only accessible for students who are part of a programme run by our Partner Charities, sorry about that. We’ve found that this is the best way to ensure that our scholarships generate the most impact, as they complement the existing work of our Partner Charities.