Can You Attend a Summer School Online?

13 Nov, 2023 | Online Summer School, University Preparation

Lots of high school students opt to attend a summer school for teenagers to elevate their learning, explore new subjects, and meet people from all around the world. You might already be familiar with in-person summer schools, which are often residential opportunities to expand your learning.

But whether you’re tight on time, or don’t fancy the travel this year, you might be wondering whether there are online options that fit better with your schedule. The short answer is that yes, you can attend a summer school online!

Read on to find out more.

What Is an Online Summer School?

An online summer school is an amazing opportunity to develop your academic skills and interests at the same time as furthering your career. 

Online programmes have increasing relevance in modern education, where academic opportunities are no longer limited to the physical classroom, and online teaching connects tutors and learners all over the world! 

Committed to delivering high-quality virtual education and helping students get ahead, online summer schools are a notable way of delving deep into a subject beyond the school curriculum.

What Is an OxBright Summer School?

OxBright is a leader in virtual education, offering a wide range of online courses for teenagers, from Business to Creative Writing! 

Our online summer school programmes are designed to help students pursue their academic interests and work towards their future goals, providing valuable experience for college and university applications. 

An OxBright summer school includes expert, small group teaching and an engaging curriculum, all designed to offer students an early taste of university-style learning. Our expert instructors are leaders in their fields, providing unique insights into their subjects and careers. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the best, make professional contacts, and secure valuable references for future opportunities while at high school. 

Networking opportunities can also be found elsewhere in the online classroom! Learning as part of a small group of future-focused students from around the world creates an important international network of like-minded students interested in studying your subject at university. 

What Are the Benefits of an Online Summer School?

Online summer schools are a unique opportunity, so we’ve broken down the opportunities and benefits of attending an online summer school for you.

I. Flexible teaching for busy schedules

In-person courses are limited by the traditional requirement for teachers and students to come together in the same place at the same time, which can often be expensive and inconvenient. The shift towards virtual learning has many benefits, particularly enabling students around the world to access specialist teaching in any place, at any time. 

Online summer schools are a perfect fit for students with busy schedules, offering a lot more flexibility than the typical school year or a traditional residential programme. This flexibility also removes logistical and financial barriers like travel and accommodation, so teachers and learners can work together regardless of personal circumstances. 

II. Interactive learning in a virtual environment

Among the common misconceptions of online learning is the assumption that it’s less interactive than traditional in-person teaching. 

However, online summer programmes like those offered by OxBright use innovative methods – such as live virtual classrooms, collaborative projects and interactive simulations – to give students an engaging and interactive learning experience. 

Students work together to actively engage with peers and instructors, sharing individual research with one another and problem-solving together to enrich the learning experience.

OxBright student looking into a laptop and smiling

III. Global connections and networking opportunities

The global reach of online summer schools offers students the opportunity to connect with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. 

This wide online community nurtures meaningful connections and fosters a sense of belonging. This unique setting enables cross-cultural learning, collaboration and the exchange of ideas, helping students to grow as global citizens and broaden their understanding of the world.

IV. Personalised guidance and support

An online summer school setting also offers the advantage of small class sizes where students can receive individualised attention and support. These programmes offer mentorship, expert feedback, and tailored learning experiences so each student gets exactly what they want out of the summer school experience. 

This type of personalised guidance gives students the chance to focus on personal aspects of their development, ask for individual support in their academic work, and concentrate on the specific skills and experiences that will support them in their unique goals for the future.  

How Will an Online Summer School Help Me Prepare for the Future?

The interactive, expert-led skills and knowledge acquired through an online summer school will play an invaluable part in helping you reach your academic goals and prepare for your future career!

Gaining experience in online learning can also prepare students for success in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Developing online learning skills puts you in a strong position to take advantage of future prospects and to effectively navigate the digital future.

Online summer school programmes are the perfect opportunity to make your learning work for you, fitting around your schedule while offering fantastic opportunities for academic and personal growth. 

Choosing an online summer school is the first step on a path to personal growth, academic advancement and a brighter future!


By Alice Spiers

Alice is an historian at St Anne’s College, Oxford, where she teaches undergraduate history (predominantly medieval history and historiographical theory). She is also a freelance writer and editor, and a research assistant at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Studies.

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