Why Online International Summer Schools are the Best Investment in Your Future

2 Jun, 2023 | Online Summer School

Looking to explore your subject of interest, boost your university applications, or just meet and work with a group of like-minded individuals? OxBright’s online international summer schools provide you with the opportunity to do all of these things from the comfort of your own home. 

From a course introducing you to the fundamentals of Medicine to a work experience internship for teenagers, OxBright is sure to have an online option that suits your goals and current academic level.

Types of International Summer Schools

There are a range of different types of international summer school, giving you lots of opportunity to choose the option that will benefit you the most. 

However, there are so many options that it can be difficult to know where to start! We’ve broken down three of the main types of summer programme, so that you can narrow down your initial selection a little more easily.


1. Academic Programmes

Academic summer programmes focus on allowing you to further explore your chosen subject outside of the typical school curriculum. This means you’ll gain greater insight into whether the subject is for you, and you’ll develop your knowledge far beyond that of your peers ahead of your university applications. OxBright’s online international summer schools allow you to experience and explore your subject with Oxford-style teaching provided by expert tutors.


2. Language Immersion Programmes

Language Immersion Programmes provide a unique opportunity to really commit to your language learning by exposing you to the language being spoken by native speakers. This facilitates the natural development of advanced language skills.

All of OxBright’s online summer programmes take place in English, allowing international students to build up their subject-specific vocabulary. This is invaluable for any international student wishing to study the subject at an English-speaking university.


3. Cultural Exchange Programmes

Cultural Exchange Programmes sometimes overlap with language immersion, but there’s a greater focus on cultural aspects over linguistic skills, and they can take place between countries that speak the same language. The primary focus might be on social customs, food, the arts, or sport, for example.

This format can be a little harder to effectively bring to life online, but any course that has the opportunity to meet with and share experiences with others from around the world, whichever language you’re communicating in, can be incredibly valuable.

Why OxBright is the Best Option for International Summer Schools Online


OxBright provides the unique opportunity to experience university-style teaching alongside project-based challenges and debates at a high-school age.

Here are just some of the key benefits that make OxBright the best option for an online international summer school!


1. Small classes

OxBright classes are capped at 12 students, which means the teaching you receive will be flexible and personalised to best match the interests, levels and goals of each student.


2. Inspirational, subject-leading tutors

You will be taught by experienced tutors, whose enthusiasm for their subject is contagious! Most of our tutors have been exactly where you are now, so they are perfectly placed to answer questions and offer advice.


3. Pressure-free environment

OxBright’s international summer schools allow you to explore your subject in a low-risk environment, without the pressure of having to pass exams. This means you can focus on personally engaging in your subject, rather than just rote learning facts for an exam.

4. Socialising

OxBright summer courses include online socials with students from other courses, allowing you to meet other young people from around the world who are studying completely different subjects! The socials are relaxed and informal, and provide an opportunity to make friends for life – some of whom you might even study with at university later on!

5. Certificate & Letter of Recommendation

When you successfully complete an OxBright international summer programme, you will be awarded a Certificate, and a personal Letter of Recommendation, providing you with valuable assets to refer to in your future university and/or job applications.


Two Oxford Scholastica Academy students celebrating with their certificates


There are endless benefits to studying at an international summer school, including academic, social and personal growth.

They help you to become a well-rounded student and prepare you for the teaching style and independence you can expect at university, making them the best investment in your future!

Discover how you could be investing in your future this Summer!

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