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At the end of your course, you’ll receive a Certificate and a personalised Letter of Recommendation.

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OxBright Psychology Courses Overview


Live Online

Class Size

Max. 12 students


12-14 & 15-18


One week or
two weeks


£695 (one week)
£995 (two weeks)

Online Psychology Courses for Teenagers

On our OxBright online summer school, you’ll experience the best in future-focused learning, and you’ll get the edge for your future. Read on to find out more about what you’ll experience on our online courses for teenagers.
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Medicine (ages 12-14)

Get an introduction to the most important concepts in the fields of Medicine and healthcare. No prior experience is required, and you’ll leave the course with an understanding of the basics in these topics, and the skills you’ll need to become a doctor or healthcare professional in the future.

Learn more about Medicine for Ages 12-14

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Psychology & Neuroscience (ages 15-18)

Explore fundamental topics such as memory, learning, emotions and personality. You’ll learn how to create and analyse psychological studies, and you’ll gain the theoretical understanding you need to pursue further study in Psychology.

Learn more about Psychology & Neuroscience for Ages 15-18

OxBright Medicine tutor pointing to a screen showing an x-ray of a chest and lungs

Medicine (ages 15-18)

This online Medicine course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to apply to medical school in the future. You’ll dive into all aspects of Medicine, and you’ll leave the course with practical medical skills, as well as an enhanced understanding of anatomy, diseases, diagnosis and medical ethics.

Learn more about Medicine for Ages 15-18

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Biology & Life Sciences (ages 15-18)

Expand your knowledge of biology, ecology, ecosystems and evolution. You’ll leave the course with a greater understanding of the most important concepts in this field, and the skills you’ll need for university-level study in Biology or Natural Sciences.

Learn more about Biology & Life Sciences for Ages 15-18

Meet a Few Expert OxBright Tutors

Benjamin White, an OxBright expert Engineering tutor.
Benjamin White
MChem (Hons)

Ben is researching the uses of nanotechnology in oncology with the aim of improving patient outcomes in chemotherapy. He is working towards his DPhil in Engineering at Oxford University, having completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Bath.

With lots of tutoring experience, Ben loves sharing his passion for Engineering.

Tuscany Parkin, an OxBright expert Law tutor.
Tuscany Parkin
BA LLB (Rhodes), BCL (Oxon)

Tuscany holds a Masters of Law from Oxford University, and is now reading for an MPhil in Legal Philosophy at Oxford, focusing her research on the philosophy of contract law.

Originally from South Africa, she holds a BA in English Literature and an LLB Law from Rhodes University. She is passionate about sharing her interest in Law with the next generation of lawyers.

Rahul Radia, an OxBright expert Medicine tutor.
Rahul Radia
BA (Oxon)

Rahul is a 5th year medical student at the University of Oxford with a first class degree in medical sciences. Academically, his interests include cardiovascular physiology and surgery.

He has conducted research at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in Oxford surrounding the relationship between sleep and metabolism, and he loves to share his research with young people.

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Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

When you successfully complete an online summer school course, you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement and a personalised Letter of Recommendation from your tutor, outlining what you covered on the course and your personal skills and strengths.

You'll be able to use this letter as an academic reference for future university, internship or job applications.

Loved by Students Around the World

"Exceptional and unique experience! I lack words to express my gratitude to my Politics & Debate Tutor and my classmates. This course has made my summer! I highly recommend this online summer school to anyone who's interested."


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Vietnam, Politics & Debate

"It was a very enriching and fun experience. I loved every minute of being part of the program because it was so enjoyable and comprehensive. Our tutor, Sophie, was such an amazing mentor. I hope to join again soon!"


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India, Creative Writing

"I loved the online courses — they are the best way to expand or explore your horizons. I really enjoyed each and every session, so much so, that after taking the first course, I signed up for two more! Great investment and definitely worth the time."


OxBright testimonial

Hong Kong, Psychology & Neuroscience

Course Dates & Prices

Two Week Courses
Length Start Date End Date Price Next Step
Two Weeks 19th June 2023 30th June 2023 £995 Apply
Two Weeks 3rd July 2023 14th July 2023 £995 Apply
Two Weeks 17th July 2023 28th July 2023 £995 Apply
Two Weeks 31st July 2023 11th August 2023 £995 Apply
Two Weeks 14th August 2023 25th August 2023 £995 Apply
One Week Courses
Length Start Date End Date Price Next Step
One Week 3rd July 2023 7th July 2023 £695 Apply
One Week 17th July 2023 21st July 2023 £695 Apply
One Week 31st July 2023 4th August 2023 £695 Apply
One Week 21st August 2023 25th August 2023 £695 Apply

Benefits of Online Psychology
Courses for Teenagers

On our OxBright online Psychology & Neuroscience summer school, you’ll experience the best in future-focused learning. Read on to find out more about what you’ll experience on our online Psychology courses for teens.

Psychology knowledge

Learning in a small group (maximum 12 students), you’ll explore key theories and topics in psychology and you’ll develop your skills.

Skills development

Our online courses will help you to develop valuable skills, such as initiative-taking, responsibility, collaboration, presentation skills and more.

Ultimate flexibility

With live sessions to suit all time zones, and one- and two-week options for our most popular online courses, you’ll find an online Psychology summer school programme that works for you.

University preparation

Gain valuable experience to prove your passion for Psychology – a must when it comes to putting together your university applications!

Career exploration

You’ll explore what it’s really like to pursue a career as a psychologist, and you’ll leave your online course with more clarity about your future career direction.

Expert mentorship

You’ll work closely with an expert Tutor from a top university in the UK (and beyond), and you’ll be able to ask them all your questions to find out what studying Psychology is really like.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychology Summer School

Does the course offer any Psychology certification upon completion?

Yes! You (and your parents or guardians) will be invited to attend an online Graduation ceremony after the end of your Psychology programme with us. You’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement, and your Tutor will write you a personalised Letter of Recommendation, which you can use in future internship, job or university applications.

What type of psychological skills can be learned from these courses?

On our online Mathematics summer school, you’ll learn about the neuroscience behind key psychological concepts like love, memory, learning and attachment. You’ll also develop your collaboration, presentation and public speaking skills – key skills for a future in the world of psychology.

What are the best online Psychology courses for high school students?

If you’re looking for an online course offering flexibility, access to expert Tutors, small-group learning and engaging live sessions, we’d be pleased to welcome you to the OxBright online Psychology courses for high school students (ages 15-18).

What equipment do I need in order to join the online summer school?

You don’t need any specific equipment – you just need access to a laptop or tablet and a strong internet connection. We’d recommend trying to find a quiet space where you can sit during the live sessions to focus and not be disturbed, although we understand that this isn’t always possible. You’ll also be expected to keep your camera on during sessions, as this means that you’ll be able to engage and participate better with your tutor and peers.

Online Psychology Internships

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your Psychology learning further and experience university-level research? Or do you want to see what it’s really like to work in the world of Psychology or Neuroscience?

Stand out from the crowd with online Psychology & Neuroscience Internships for teenagers.

Screenshot of people in a zoom call at an OxBright online internship session