You Should Attend an Online Maths Programme – Here’s Why

28 Jan, 2024 | Mathematics, Online Summer School, University Preparation

Attending an online maths programme is an excellent opportunity to go beyond the regular school curriculum and discover new challenges in the subject! 

Growing in popularity, online maths programmes build confidence and equip high school students with new skills and knowledge not typically covered in the classroom.

What Is an Online Maths Programme?

Online maths programmes usually provide a structured curriculum, instructional materials and interactive sessions. Students have the opportunity to grow as mathematicians and explore new and interesting concepts that aren’t in their school curriculums.

At OxBright, our online maths programmes are two weeks long, and our expert tutors guide small groups of high school students in applying theory to real-world challenges. Whether you’re planning a future studying Pure Mathematics at university, or are interested in the practical applications of Maths for Engineering and other sciences, you’ll leave the course with new clarity on the future direction that’s right for you.

During an OxBright Maths course, you’ll:

  • Learn about economic models and how to manipulate them
  • Explore probability, examining interesting examples of probability and the relationship between probability and statistics
  • Discuss infinity, and get to grips with number theory

There’s plenty more to discover, too!

Who Can Take an Online Maths Programme?

Online maths programmes are very inclusive and are often designed to cater to a wide range of learners. There are programmes available for high school students preparing for exams, undergraduates seeking additional support, and adults wanting to develop skills to equip them for life. 

One particular benefit of online programmes is that they’re not limited by geographical boundaries, and don’t incur the additional travel and accommodation expenses. Learners from all over the world can participate in the same programme with ease! 

10 Benefits of Attending an Online Maths Programme

1. Flexibility and convenience

A key advantage of online maths programmes is their flexibility. These programmes accommodate a variety of different lifestyles and time zones, and students can learn at their own pace, fitting study sessions around their personal schedules. This flexibility accommodates different learning styles and commitments, so every student can study in the best way for them.

2. Access to expert instructors

Virtual maths programmes also allow students to be taught by experienced instructors from the comfort of their own home. Our online courses are led by experts in their fields, who have a wide range of experience – and boundless passion! – in the subjects they teach. 

With a maximum class size of twelve students, our online maths programmes provide students with personalised guidance and plenty of space to clarify doubts and seek assistance.

Online tutor teaching Maths in front of a laptop and phone camera

3. Variety of courses and levels

There’s a diverse range of maths courses available online, so students can choose a programme tailored to their skill level and unique areas of interest. Whether you want to explore advanced topics or simply fill in the gaps of your current mathematical knowledge, there’s a course out there that will cater to your specific needs.

4. Interactive learning tools

There’s a common misconception that online learning is less interactive than its in-person counterpart. However, there are many interactive learning tools and resources available for students learning through an online maths programme, like multimedia materials, quizzes and simulations that enhance engagement and understanding. 

This assortment of tools encourages our students to actively engage with the topics covered. Some courses also use virtual maths labs as an opportunity to take part in hands-on learning, making the course even more stimulating.

5. Peer interaction and collaboration

Virtual maths programmes are an excellent chance for students to connect with peers from all across the globe through classes and socials. 

Online programmes facilitate discussions, group projects and collaborative learning, allowing students to interact with other like-minded students and professionals. Courses like these are a great opportunity to begin building a professional and supportive network for your future career!

6. Individual progress tracking

Another brilliant feature of online maths programmes is progress tracking. Students can monitor their own performance throughout the course, tracking milestones and identifying areas for improvement. 

As data-driven insights can enhance the learning experience, seeing exactly how well you’re doing across different topics can help you to plan how to improve and which specific areas to focus on. 

Maths student pointing at a chalkboard with equations on it

7. Global accessibility

Online programmes have great accessibility as anyone can join from anywhere in the world. Virtual courses eliminate geographical barriers, allowing students to learn from top instructors and access specialised education regardless of location. 

This increased global accessibility also offers potential for valuable cross-cultural learning experiences! Participating in opportunities to learn alongside people from different backgrounds and cultures, is an excellent way to hone your communication and collaborative skills for the future.

8. Cost-effectiveness

An online maths programme is much more cost-effective than an in-person course. Virtual courses often cover the same topics as their in-person counterparts, yet they often have lower fees. 

By taking part in an online programme, you’re also eliminating the need for travel and accommodation, reducing expenses further. If you’re keen to focus solely on mathematics, and you’re not looking for cultural enrichment, this may make an online course the better option for you.

9. Self-directed learning skills

Online courses also encourage the development of self-discipline and time-management skills. These are valuable strengths to master, and will help any student prepare for their future academic and professional pursuits. 

During an online programme, students learn to take ownership of their learning journey and establish effective study habits, preparing them for university and beyond. These independent-led skills offer a significant boost to university applications and future job prospects.

10. Personalised learning experiences

Finally, online maths programmes offer unique personalised learning opportunities. Students can focus on areas that they’re individually interested in, revisit concepts that have been challenging, and skip material that they’ve already mastered, resulting in a customisable experience that caters to the needs, interests and goals of each individual student. 

Online maths programmes are an extremely valuable opportunity to enhance mathematical skills and knowledge. However, it’s important to research course content, instructor qualifications and user reviews, so you can ensure that you’re choosing the best online course for you. 

Check out our online resources to take full advantage of your virtual learning!


By Jessica Mason

Jessica is currently studying a BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, and has a particular interest in Early Modern theatre. She enjoys writing articles and has lots of experience in student journalism.
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