What Are the Different Types of Online Summer School?

2 Aug, 2023 | Online Summer School, University Preparation

When it comes to summer learning, students have a wide array of choices. A summer school provides the chance to explore your passions, strengthen your academic skills, and gain a competitive edge in your university applications

In this guide, we’ll delve into the various types of online summer school programmes, and show you how to choose the right course for you, ensuring that it aligns with your aspirations and goals!

1. Full-Length Academic Programmes

For students seeking to delve deeper into their academic interests during the summer, full-length online summer school programmes offer an ideal solution. These comprehensive courses cover a wide range of subjects, from Medicine and Psychology, to Creative Writing and Politics

This structured learning experience enables students to immerse themselves in in-depth studies, gaining a deeper understanding of their subject. OxBright is a great place to find these types of opportunities – our students participate in interactive sessions with expert instructors, and graduate with a Certificate and Letter of Recommendation for their university applications! 

A full-length academic programme is a well-rounded experience, helping students to maintain their academic momentum during the summer break, while developing key skills and forming new connections.

2. Enrichment and Specialised Programmes

Many students are eager to go beyond the typical school curriculum – to develop life-skills beyond the classroom, or to explore their passions and interests in specialised areas like STEM, the arts, languages or leadership. 

Enrichment programmes offer a range of activities and resources to help students with a variety of life-skills, including time-management and study skills, interview preparation, motivation and retention. 

Specialised programmes are university-based programmes offering super-curricular lectures and classes for students to work on their subject at a degree-level. This type of programme is a great opportunity to explore specific interests, develop new academic skills and gain a competitive edge in a chosen field.

3. Test Preparation Courses

Students preparing for standardised tests like the SAT, ACT or university entrance exams, may find a test preparation course helpful. These programmes provide expert guidance, targeted practice materials and proven strategies to excel in these important assessments. 

Summer is a great time for focused test preparation, and by making the most of the break from school, students can maximise their academic potential!

4. Academic Support and Catch-Up Programmes

Some students may appreciate extra support during the summer to catch up on missed coursework or to solidify their foundational knowledge. 

Academic support programmes offer personalised attention and tailored learning plans to help students develop confidence in their skills and knowledge, and to explore their academic potential.

Plus, with the flexibility of online learning, students can work at their own pace, allowing them to master complex topics in a low-pressure environment!

5. University Preparation Programmes

University preparation programmes offer guidance on a range of subjects – improving university applications, mastering essay-writing, and developing interview skills – to help students stand out in the competitive admissions process. 

Students gain valuable tips and techniques to ace college interviews, articulate their goals and experiences, and craft the perfect personal statement.

These programmes also encourage effective time management, goal setting and decision-making, which will prove valuable throughout any academic or professional journey.

6. Language Immersion Programmes

The world is more interconnected than ever, and proficiency in multiple languages is a great skill to have! Online summer school programmes provide a unique opportunity to enhance language skills as well as cultural understanding. 

Through interactive language classes, virtual cultural activities and connecting with international peers, students can immerse themselves in an enriching experience that goes beyond textbooks. The engaging and dynamic nature of these programmes offer the opportunity for students to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in real-life scenarios.

Online summer school programmes offer a multitude of opportunities for students to make the most of summer break. From fostering a love for learning to preparing for future academic and career success, online summer school programmes are a valuable investment in a student’s education.


By Emily Hindle

Emily is an undergraduate student at the University of Bristol reading English Literature, specialising in Modernist writers. In her free time, Emily enjoys running and hopes to complete her first half-marathon next year. She also loves photography and videography.

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